Extreme World Tour to Get Adrenaline

Apart from visiting the Best Tourist Cities in the World, getting an adrenaline rush might be something that someone wants to do. So the way you can do to get your adrenaline pumping is to travel to extreme places or try extreme sports. Not infrequently there are several tourist attractions that are opened specifically for people who like adrenaline. If you want to do extreme things, here are some extreme world tourist destinations that might be of interest to you.

1. Slackline in America
Slackline is an extreme sport that originated in America. This sport is very challenging for adrenaline rushers, because you will feel like you are playing a circus.

Where a person must walk on a rope that is paired between two cliffs. Although every slackline equipment has safety, but the sensation of walking on a cliff with only a rope will certainly make your heart beat fast.

In America alone there are some of the best places to try this extreme sport. For example in Yosemite Valley in California, Moab in Utah, or Smith Rock State Park in Terrebonne in Oregon. But if you don’t have the guts, just try visiting some of the tourist attractions in the United States that are safer and more fun for you.

2. Sandboarding in Nicaragua
Besides slackline, there is also an extreme sport that is quite unique, namely sandboarding. Sandboarding is a sport where a person needs to slide from a height with sand media.

The world’s extreme tourism to enjoy sandboarding which is quite famous is at Cerro Negro in Nicaragua. Of course, this exciting and adrenaline-pumping activity is quite unique and different.

Visitors who want to do it need to climb first for approximately one hour. After that, then this sport can be done. Please note that Cerro Negro itself is one of the active volcanoes in the country.

3. Angels Falls, Venezuela
If you are an adrenaline lover, doing this one sport will definitely make you curious. You can visit a waterfall with extraordinary cliffs called Angels Falls in Venezuela.

In this place, you can do extreme jumps from the top of the waterfall. Currently this place is indeed known as one of the extreme tours that is often visited by tourists who really like extreme things.

Although access to the waterfall is quite difficult, visitors who really like challenges will still try to conquer this game. it is said that if you want to go to Canaima Camp, the place where this extreme sport will be carried out, visitors need to travel by canoe for approximately 3 days. Really challenging isn’t it?

4. Table Mountain, South Africa
Africa has long been known as one of the world’s extreme tourist destinations where the nature there is still very natural and vicious. One of the places that may be quite famous is Table Mountain in South Africa.

This World’s Best Nature Tour is even touted as a more deadly place than Mount Everest. Table Mountain is a flat mountain on the southern coast of South Africa.

This mountain has a height of 1085 meters above sea level. This mountain is often shrouded by clouds flowing from above. It is so extreme and dangerous, on the official website of the National Park where this mountain is located, there is a message for visitors to be very careful because there have been many victims who have died on Table Mountain when compared to Mount Everest.

5. Skydiving in Nepal
Skydiving is an extreme sport that allows a person to float in the air. If you have the ability to do this one sport, visiting Tourist Attractions in Nepal may be one of the most extreme places.

This is because you can do sydiving between the Himalayas. You can see the view of Mount Everest while skydiving. Only 152 people have been recorded there individually.

The interesting thing about this activity is that additional oxygen is needed considering that they will slide from a very high place and above there will be very minimal oxygen. Make sure you already have good skills for this extreme sport in order to survive.

6. Kjerag Cliff, Norway
This one place may be one of the most complete extreme tours of the world, where there are many extreme activities that can be done there. Kjerag Cliff is a mountain in Norway.

This place is indeed famous as a place for adrenaline rush. One of the popular adrenaline-pumping activities is cliff base jumping. This activity is an activity to jump from above with special clothes.

In addition to base jumping, there are still some other extreme activities that can be done, such as rock climbing or rock climbing. In addition, climbers can also climb there. Of course, extra preparation is needed to carry out extreme activities at Kjerag Cliff.

7. CN Tower Edge Walking, Canada
If you want to do some extreme activities, there’s really no need to visit high mountains or dangerous rivers. Because in Canada there is an extreme activity that can be done in the capital city.

In Toronto, there is a skyscraper called the CN tower. This building is a tower known as the most extreme tower in the world. Even this has been recognized by the Guinness World Records.

The extreme thing that can be done there is walking on the tower or better known as edge walking. Of course, this activity will make your heart beat fast. For those of you who have a phobia of heights, you should think twice before trying to climb to the top.

8. Grand Canyon Skywalk, America
The name Grand Canyon may already be familiar to the ear. But the Grand Canyon Skywalk may be the first time you’ve heard of it. This activity is one of the extreme activities that can be done in America.

Where visitors can feel the sensation of walking on the sky. This is because there is a high cliff equipped with a word bridge. This bridge will make people who walk on it seem to be floating on a cliff.

This place also offers a very stunning view. However, because this place is quite extreme, those who are afraid of heights should be careful and can start training themselves with heights.

9. Mountain Biking, New Zealand
Moutain Biking or mountain biking is one of the extreme sports that can be done in the wild. One of the most extreme mountain bike routes is in New Zealand.

Adrenaline lovers who have mountain bike skills need to take a helicopter first to reach an altitude of approximately 6,500 feet or about 2,000 meters above sea level. Only then would they skate on mountain bikes.

The tracks that must be passed must also be very challenging. With an intermediate level of difficulty, one does need to have expertise to get through that path. This path is not suitable for beginners.

10. Schlitterbahn Waterpark, America
If you like tourist activities in waterparks, maybe this waterpark is one of the most extreme waterparks you can try. Where there is a slide that is very challenging and adrenaline pumping.

In this World’s Best Water Tour there are the highest and fastest slides in the world. The glide speed reaches 70 mph. Of course, sliding from this slide will increase your adrenaline and create a different sensation.

This waterpark location is in Kansas City and opened in the summer of 2009. This place is perfect for those of you who like water rides.

Those are some references to extreme world tours that can spur your adrenaline. Interested to try it? You should really have a truly professional ability first.