Most Beautiful Cities in Africa Favorite International Tourists – Part 2

1. Tripoli, Libya
Tripoli is the seat of government of the Libyan state, offering many magnificent buildings and beautiful views. Because of the many names of the city of Tripoli in the world, to distinguish it, Tripoli in Libya has the nickname, Tripoli of the West.

The magnificently designed buildings in the Tripoli area are stunning. Even though there was a civil war in Tripoli in 2011, this city is still beautiful and still relatively safe for tourists to visit. In addition to magnificent buildings, Tripoli also has ancient buildings that are a shame if you don’t visit.

2. Luanda, Angola
The city of Luanda is the capital of the State of Angola. This city, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Africa, is a shame if you miss it. The city of Luanda offers a peaceful city atmosphere and is suitable for a vacation. The nickname Paris of Africa was also given to this city because of its beauty. The magnificent city buildings as well as a row of beaches and piers will spoil the eyes of visitors who come to this city. Not only that, the stunning hills and cliffs certainly add to the beauty of Luanda City.

The nickname ‘expensive city’ is also addressed to the City of Luanda, Angola. Apart from being the capital of Angola, Luanda is also the largest oil-producing country. You will also find a row of luxury hotels with expensive prices and several shopping centers that offer high-priced brands in Luanda, Angola.

3. Abuja, Nigeria
Abuja is the capital of Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa. Abuja is one of the most beautiful cities in Africa because it has many stunning buildings. The Abuja National Mosque and the National Christian Center are examples of magnificent buildings that you can enjoy while in Abuja.

Apart from having many beautiful buildings, Abuja also offers gardens or green spaces. Some of the parks that you can visit include Millennium Park, BMT African Garden, and many more. Plan a vacation to Abuja and enjoy the stunning natural scenery.

4. Port Louis, Mauritius
The next most beautiful city in Africa is Port Louis. The city which is the capital of the island nation of Mauritius offers beautiful natural scenery. Port Luois is also a major port city, so it’s no wonder that the views of the waters are amazing.

Port Louis is also a tourist destination. Because of its beauty, Port Louis is often visited as a honeymoon place. In addition, this beautiful city is also known as a vacation spot for world artists.

5. Johannesburg, South Africa
Another one of the most beautiful cities in Africa is Johannnesburg. Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa. Offering stunning buildings and structures, Johannesburg is often a tourist destination. Some of the interesting buildings in Johannesburg include the Apartheid Museum, Gold Reef City, and many more.

This city is also often called “Jozi”. Planning a vacation to South Africa? Johannesburg is a city you can go to.