Most Beautiful Cities in Africa Favorite International Tourists – Part 2

1. Tripoli, Libya
Tripoli is the seat of government of the Libyan state, offering many magnificent buildings and beautiful views. Because of the many names of the city of Tripoli in the world, to distinguish it, Tripoli in Libya has the nickname, Tripoli of the West.

The magnificently designed buildings in the Tripoli area are stunning. Even though there was a civil war in Tripoli in 2011, this city is still beautiful and still relatively safe for tourists to visit. In addition to magnificent buildings, Tripoli also has ancient buildings that are a shame if you don’t visit.

2. Luanda, Angola
The city of Luanda is the capital of the State of Angola. This city, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Africa, is a shame if you miss it. The city of Luanda offers a peaceful city atmosphere and is suitable for a vacation. The nickname Paris … Read the rest