The Biggest and Famous Casino Hotel in the World

It is undeniable that the legal gambling industry such as the Casino has a huge influence on the economy of a country. Various casino gambling companies compete with each other to be number 1. But the question is who is the best in the world? Here are the 11 largest casino hotels from various countries in the world.

1. Winstar World Casino
The first largest hotel casino in the world is Winstar World Casino. Winstar World Casino is the number 1 largest casino in the world, it has a gambling area of 600,000 feet. For its location it is in Oklahoma, US. The advantage it has is that in addition to having a large gambling venue, Winstar World Casino is also often used as a venue for performances. In addition, for guests who want to stay, here is also provided a hotel for you.

The biggest casino in the world is a casino that was built in 2003 but because it is a fairly new casino, getting the attention of VIPs in this field to win is not easy. Winstar World Casino only received attention after 10 years of existence in 2013.

2. Venetian Macau
The second largest casino hotel in the world is the Venetian Macau. This casino is a casino located in Macau, China. Owned by American businessman, Sheldon Adelson, this casino has an extraordinary variety of entertainment such as 3,000 gambling machines, shopping centers, swimming pools, gondolas, restaurants, bars, and of course hotels for resting. The amount of entertainment in the casino, makes visitors feel comfortable and at home for long to keep playing or just walking in this place. Take it easy because even if you are not someone who likes to gamble, you can still enjoy the various kinds of entertainment provided by The Venetian. As the second largest casino, it has a gambling area of ​​546,000 feet.

In a gambling area of ​​this size, Venetian Macau has more than 3000 gambling machines and has 870 gambling tables for card or roullete gambling. The advantages possessed by Venetian Macau are not seen from the size of the gambling venue but also from the facilities it has. The types of facilities owned by Venetian Macau include 3 malls, 4 swimming pools and also resting areas such as gondolas.

For those of you who crave to eat at a luxury restaurant, Venetian Macau also provides fine dining facilities for you. Tired and want to rest? Venetian Macau has 3000 rooms that you can choose according to your needs.

3. City Of Dreams
The third world famous casino hotel is still in Macau, China. It is the City of Dreams. City of Dreams Casino is also one of the largest cities in the world that offers a magnificent and elegant and romantic concept. Although it is said to offer a romantic concept, take it easy because this casino has a variety of entertainment for those of you who are single or also who already have a partner. Having a contemporary design example concept, makes this casino one of the must-visit places when in China. This place is a place that has an area of ​​about 420,000 feet. In a casino of this size City of Dreams has 1350 gambling machines and 520 tables for playing poker. City of Dreams is also one of the casinos with a hotel casino model. For those of you who need a break, City of Dreams provides a hotel for you with a capacity of 1400 rooms.

What makes this City of Dreams interesting is not only the grandeur it offers but also the feel built into it. City of Dreams has hotel rooms made with 70’s to 80’s interior design. This makes this place very fun to visit.

4. Foxwoods
The fourth world famous hotel casino is Foxwoods. A casino hotel in the USA, Foxwoods Resorts Casino is a casino equipped with five-star hotel facilities in Ledyard, Connecticut. This luxury casino has a gambling table of 400 tables with various gambling games ranging from blackjack, craps, roulette, to poker. Don’t forget the huge number of slot machines, maybe even the largest in the world, up to 7,000 machines. Like other large casinos, Foxwoods is also equipped with up to 2,266 hotel rooms which are divided into 4 hotels. Foxwoods, which has an area of ​​340,000 feet, occupies the 4th largest casino in the world. With a gambling area of ​​this size, Foxwoods provides 7000 gambling machines that you can play. Not only that, in addition to gambling machines, it also has 400 gambling tables for various types of card gambling games.

Although the location is quite large, when compared to the previous large casinos, it has a very large number of machines and tables. This causes this casino to have a more congested atmosphere. For those of you who feel tired of gambling, you can relax at the Foxwoods hotel or use its spa facilities.

5. Ponte 16
The fifth world-famous casino hotel is Ponte 16. Another casino that can be found in China is Ponte 16. What’s interesting about this Ponte 16 casino is its location. Casino Ponte 16 is located in the historical center of Macau. This causes this casino to make it look similar to the appearance of the UNESCO World Heritage Site building. It is one of the largest casinos in the world that offers a unique design by combining western and eastern European styles without forgetting the traditional Chinese touch. Besides being one of the largest casinos in the world, this casino is also one of the most important places in the world for the reason that it is a world heritage recognized by UNESCO.

Ponte 16 has an area of ​​270,000 feet. With this area, Ponte 16 has as many as 320 slot machines as well as 150 poker tables to play with. Inside the Ponte 16 you can find a hotel that has a guest capacity of 423 rooms. What’s even more interesting is the beautiful view of Macau city offered by the rooms at Ponte 16.